The Turbinomat project is an attempt to provide an open source framework to develop games for stationary bicycles. The mean game is based on the "Gold Sprint" race, where the fastest player win after an extremly short an intense race. We have already created others games, such a version of the famous "snake" with a 20x8 LED matrix.

An Arduino is used to manage the races and to send the information to the screen.

We hope that others developpers will join the project to create other games like this. The software project is hosted on GitHub, and everyone is welcome to contribute !

The future development will also provide some tools and codes to connect the Arduino to Processing.

Project maintainers

Falko Henschke, Post Tenebras Lab

Frédéric Moser, Association Roue Libre


Kostja Dorodov, Post Tenebras Lab

and many more soon !

Website : Frédéric Moser. Based on original code by Rémi Prévost. Header font by Paul Lloyd.